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Another Fallen Satellite--A Tribute To Counting Crows

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    Counting Crows have always done a major amout of their performances in a live manner (i.e. coffee houses, etc.).  The band came to Geffen's attention as a San Francisco phoenomenon who were selling out large auditoriums with their highly emotional performances.  They recorded their very first album live in a house they rented, and as soon as they finished, the band went right back to non-stop touring.  It only took six months for August and Everything After to break.  While all this was going on, they guys were playing bars and theaters, opening for Cracker, the Cranberries, Ben Folds Five, and others until "Mr. Jones" induced their stardom.  After that, Counting Crows moved up to headlining and continued to tour for a year.
    When Counting Crows recorded their second album, entitled Recovering The Satellites, they again rented a big house in Los Angles, set up in the living room, and played live. This album, like the first was a huge success.
    Recently, the band has released a two disk concert album, entitled, Across a Wire, Live in New York City.  The album features selections from Counting Crows' performances on MTV's "Live, From The 10 Spot" and VH1's "Storytellers".  Many people believe this recording was in responce to the growing number of bootleg recordings.  All in all, this fan feels that every Counting Crows recording is worth purchacing, and any money spent on a concert ticket is money well spent.  On this page are sound clips from all three Counting Crows albums, lyrics to some of the band's songs, video clips, a FAQ section, a Counting Crows Photo Gallery, and a link so you can join the official Counting Crows Fan Club.
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