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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are they called Counting Crows?
The name of the band comes from an old English divination rhyme which suggests that life is as pointless as Counting Crows. In addition Counting Crows also appears in a Mary-Louise Parker movie called Signs of Life.
Why are all their songs so depressing? 
Nearly all of the songs are written by Adam Duritz about his life. Many of the topics Adam wishes to write about are unhappy and depressing. In a recent interview the band said they felt many of their songs were happy and many were unhappy.
When are their birthdays?
Adam: August 1, 1964.
Charlie: January 12, 1960
Dave: October 5, 1961
Matt: July 4, 1963
Ben: February 2, 1971
Not sure about Dan
Where do I get Himalayans' tapes?
To receive a copy of the Himalyans' tape She Likes the Weather on which Adam Duritz is the vocalist, send an inquiry to asking for information on how to obtain their tape.
Will Chelsea and/or Good Luck ever be released?
Both of these songs were recorded for the record, but did not end up on Recovering the Satellites. They both feature Adam on piano. According to Adam the version of Chelsea that was recorded didn't work so well with the horns they brought in. They will probably not be added to a single because they feel the songs are too good to be wasted on a b-side. It is highly  possible that neither song will ever be on a record. At a recent
concert Adam said that he doesn't like to put old songs on records.
What is the story behind Einstein on the Beach?
Einstein on the Beach was a song from the original Counting Crows demo.  The song ended up being released on a CD entitled, DGC Rarities Volume 1 which can be found in most record stores. Adam regards the release of this song as the biggest mistake he ever made. At a time when he wanted the hype from August and Everything After to wind down, the rarities album came out. He stated that it "was annoying to hear this poppy demo on the radio."
When Duritz and Bryson first started as an acoustic duo in the Bay Area, what venues did they play?
They mostly played in bars.  Amongst the bars they played in were The Paradise Lounge and The Tap Room.
What is their connection to Sordid Humor?
Adam sang backup vocals on their album Light Music for Dying People. In addition, David Bryson produced about half of the Sordid Humor record. Also Marty Jones, about whom Mr. Jones is written, played bass on the Sordid Humor record.
Why wasn't Suffocate put on the album?
This song will never be on any album. Adam hates the song, but the rest of the band likes it.
Are Adam's dreads real?
When the band first got together Adam used hair-extensions. I believe that now it is his real hair, but I'm not sure.
What is the connection between Anna Begins, Margery, and Another Horse Dreamers Blues; because Adam has called them a trilogy?
Adam has said that Margery Dreams of Horses and Another Horsedreamers' Blues are sequels of Anna Begins. But when somebody asked him about a trilogy, he knew nothing of it.
Is Barely Out of Tuesday an original Counting Crows song or is it a cover?
This song is an original Counting Crows song, it is not a cover. Adam supposedly wrote the song with a friend of his.
Why doesn't Matt Malley do any interviews?
Matt Malley does do interviews. He recently participated in the Rockline interview. Perhaps the reason Matt doesn't talk much is because Adam does most of the talking.
When did Adam decide he wanted to be a singer/songwriter?
Adam recently said, "I was born to do it." From the time he was a child, he was singing in his town. Adam always wrote songs, but as he says, "most of them sucked." If he wasn't a singer he admits that he wouldn't be doing anything impressive.
 Will Counting Crows ever do MTV Unplugged?
Possibly. Adam has been asked about this, and he never says "no",nor does he say "yes." However, there are no current plans to do MTV Unplugged.
Is Adam on the internet and does he have a screenname?
Adam has been known to post on America On-Line. As of last February, his computer was broken. I don't know what his screen-name was. Matt is on-line quite often, from the road using the manager's computer. He has been known to hang out in the AOL Philosophy chat room.
Is the sheet music available for either or both albums?
The sheet music for August and Everything After was released unofficially. The sheet music for both albums are  currently being reviewed by the band, and will be released
officially soon.
What is Adam's middle name?
Adam Frederic Duritz
How can I get a copy of Sordid Humor's album?
Light Music for Dying People is rare, but can be found at some record stores. You may have to look under "S" and go through all the miscellaneous bands that start with "S".
Somebody also said they found it with Counting Crows.
Is there an Adam Duritz fan club?
There is no fan club for just Adam. There is a fan club for the band. The address is in the CD booklet for Satellites.
Is Maria in Counting Crows songs, Maria Mckee?
No, Maria Mckee sang backup on August and Everything After. Maria mentioned in "Round Here" is a fictional character.
How do you get a copy of "Good Luck" and other unreleased songs?
Good Luck is on the Hollywood Grand bootleg. Aka 13 new songs...many people on the mailing list and newsgroup have it.  You can ask for it there, and trade.
Are any of the band members married?
Matt Malley is married. He was married in early 1997 I believe. Charlie Gillingham is also married.
 Does Adam take care of his throat?
Adam tries to take care of his throat. He is very emotional on stage and sometimes loses his head. He intentially kept the sets short at the beginning of the tour so his voice wouldn't go. On the last tour, the band had to cancel some gigs, because Adam's voice fell apart. However there is no truth to the rumor that Adam had throat cancer, but he did have some nodes in his throat.
Why is the album called Recovering the Satellites?
Most of the band seems to think that the song Recovering the Satellites sums up what the album is all about, so that is why the album is called that.
Is A Long December about Adam and Courteney's relationship?
Adam, wrote the song late one night, after visiting his friends at 2 in the morning in Hillside Manor. Adam was visiting a friend in a hospital who had gotten hit by a car. Courteney Cox was also a friend of the girl who was hit. So Adam and Courteney talked a lot in the hospital, so the song is atleast partly about her and Adam.
Does Matt write songs?
 Matt has helped write some songs, namely A Murder of One. Dan Vickrey does write songs though.
Will Counting Crows be releasing a rarities album?
At this time there are no plans for a rarities album. In interviews, the band has mentioned their desire to release an album of cover songs.
Is Adam Duritz a stage name or a real name?
Adam Duritz is the real name of the singer of Counting Crows
What guitars do Dave Bryson use?
Dave plays a vintage Les Paul Junior, a goldtop Paul, a black and white Rickenbacker, and a Gibson acoustic.
Does Adam Duritz have a Degree in any major field of study from a university?
Adam studied English at Berkeley, but left just two credits shy of graduation, because the department refused to recognize his genre of english - songwriting.
Is Adam Duritz Jewish?
Adam Duritz was raised Jewish, but I'm not certain he still practices his religion.
Why on the back of Recovering the Satellites, are the songs grouped into four sections?
Adam said there is significants to two of the sections but not four. He says it is really split into two records. The  first one ending with Have You Seen Me Lately. The album is
 about catharsis - the first part of the record is about all the suffering, and the second half is about trying to recover what they lost in those first few years.
Is Elisabeth a real person?
Elisabeth in "Goodnight Elisabeth" is a real person. She was Adam's girlfriend when the band left to tour for the first record, but when they came back, she wasn't his girlfriend. Her real name is Betsy and she is now married.
Where is Adam Duritz from?
Adam lived all over the country as a child. He lived in Baltimore, Boston, El Paso, and Berkeley.
What literature has Adam read?
Adam has read works by Shelby Foote, William Kennedy, James Thurber, John O'Hara, and Levon Helm.
Why do Counting Crows choose not to record in studios?
Most of the band has said, that when you record in a studio, you feel like you are getting up and going to work. They prefer to rent a house on a hill, and live in it from the first day of recording to the last day of recording. That way they are totally absorbed in the record.
What is the first song Adam wrote?
A song Adam wrote about his sister called, "Good Morning Little Sister" was his first song.
What is Steve Bowman up to now?
Rumor has it, that Steve is doing stand-up in the Bay Area.
How did Adam hurt his knee?
When he jumped off a piano riser while performing "Angels of the Silences" at the Beacon Theatre in early December, Adam tore his ACL. He finished that song and four
 others before leaving to get taped.
Have any of the other band members ever sung a song?
Adam is the lead singer, but almost every other guy sings backup vocals. There is one exception: When Adam hurt his knee at the Beacon, Dan Vickrey sang Wiseblood.
Do any of the band members have bootlegs?
From what I've heard, almost every guy in the band has bootlegs. Adam has quite a few of Counting Crows and a lot of other bands. Matt collects Counting Crows bootlegs. Charlie has some too.
Why don't Counting Crows ever come to Australia?
Australia was planned for the August & Everything After Tour, but it had to be cancelled. Counting Crows have tentatively planned to visit Australia and New Zealand on the Recovering the Satellites tour, in October of 1997.
What were the band members doing when they started Counting Crows?
Matt wanted to be an air-traffic controller, Adam was washing dishes and landscaping, Dan was working in a record store, Ben was working in a rock club, Charlie was designing artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley, and Dave was a producer.
What are the background lyrics in Monkey?
Isn't it a shame/Gone away again and I've been in/Can't you seen the pain I'm in/and Monkey where you been?
Why don't Counting Crows play Mr. Jones in concert the way it is on the CD?
It has less to do with Mr. Jones being a hit, than what it is about. Adam said that it's hard to say some of those lines, like "we all wanna be big stars" because those lines just aren't true anymore. Especially Adam doesn't want to see his face on the television one more time. If they do play it, they like to play it in a stripped down acoustic manner.
Why is Adam so defensive about people getting too close to him while he's on stage?
Adam refers to the stage as his house. He doesn't like people invading his space, especially when he's performing. He is really into what he is doing, and he doesn't need to worry about his safety while on stage.
Why did it take so long for them to come out with a new album?
August and Everything After came out in September of 1993. From their, they toured until the beginning of 1995. They took six months off, then began to work again. They recorded in the winter of 1995/1996 and then it took a few months for the record company to get the CD out. So it really wasn't that much  time off, just a lot of touring.
What covers do Counting Crows do?
Wiseblood by Kurt Stevenson, Four White Stallions by Patrick Winningham, Jumpin Jesus by Tom Barnes, Maggie May by Rod Stewart, and the Ghost in You by the Psychadelic Furs.
What ever happened to Anna from 'Anna Begins' and Elisabeth?
Anna is married and living in Australia. Elisabeth from'Goodnight Elisabeth' is also married.
Why is Ben Mize listed as playing light bulbs and zippo lighters in the cd insert?
The zippo lighter is in the very beginning of 'Goodnight Elisabeth.' But I haven't noticed the light bulbs yet.
How do I get a hold of unreleased songs?
I advise against buying bootleg CD's. Too expensive, and not always reliable companies. Go to the newsgroup: and ask nicely for somebody to make a
copy of a tape for a newbie. The best bootleg to get if you are interested in songs like Chelsea, Good Luck, Margery Dreams of Horses, Suffocate, etc. is the Hollywood Grand Show.
Do Counting Crows have a mailing address for fan mail?
There is an address on the inside of the Recovering theSatellites CD booklet. You can direct mail there.
Are Counting Crows coming out with a new album soon?
It will probably be atleast a year, maybe a year and a half. By the time the tour ends they will have been on the road for over a year. I suppose they'll take a few months off and then record. But it takes a while for the record company to releaseit. Maybe the fall of 1998? But I don't know.

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